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Microleadership Podcast with Haydn Bratt

What do you do when the career that you really want doesn't really exist? Well if you are Emily Mishler (Creative and Managing Director of the Cultivated Group - then you create a business and do it anyway!

Emily has a pretty unique and very special take on the world - there she uses her passions for creative communication, business and philanthropy to bring about good - to truly change the world and help more people to realise their dreams. The Cultivated Group believe in asking tough questions, tackling big problems and challenge convention. So much so that Emily's organisation isn't just limited to global operations but are currently working in space too! Now that really is stretching your thinking as to what is possible.

Beyond the worthy causes that Emil supports via her business she is also passionate about children's education and has written a series of books under the banner Esme The Curious cat (check out the website at

In this discussion we talk about the inner work that is needed to take control of ones choices, to grow the inner belief that you need as you step into uncertainty. Emily's take on life is refreshing and advanced - she has real clarity and is super intentional about the way she lives her life and this shines forth in her choices.

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