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Meet Our New Bestselling Co-Authored Book: Station 42!

We're thrilled to have collaborated with our friends at Secret Knock and Greg S. Reid to co-author a brand new book in the personal development world: Station 42.

"Station 42 is the ticket to your success! Sara Andrews, a newly-divorced mother, discovers a long-lost train ticket that takes her on a journey of growth and self-discovery. In this insightful business parable, bestselling author Greg S. Reid introduces readers to 20 thought leaders, business owners, coaches, and experts who share their unique success principles and strategies. Follow along as Sara and her mentor, Liz, embark on a journey of health, happiness, and prosperity as they live their legacies and travel to the destination of their dreams.

Co-authors include: Shannon Parsons, Bill Walsh, Emily Mishler, Kelly Cardenas, Mary-Frances Buckland, Eric Power, Tina Malsom, Dr. Wendy Labat, Albert Corey, Billy Siordia, Paul Hutchinson, Cynthia Caughie, Jen Du Plessis, Mike Berkowitz, Eric Stuerken, Nadia Linda Hole, MD, Felipe Engineer, Angeline Wehmeyer, Theresa Goss, and Christine McKay."

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