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Live Interview: Breakthrough Walls with Ken Walls

Hi there! I am Ken Walls!

I am the creator and host of the newly popular show, "Breakthrough Walls."

Breakthrough Walls is a show that I created to help people get unstuck in life and in business. 

I believe that we all grow through other people's stories. With more than 160 episodes completed, there are some amazing stories told, so be sure to catch up on them on Youtube or iTunes. Follow me on social to be notified of the latest episodes and superstar guests.

I have had some amazing guests on the show! People like Andy Frisella, Sharon Lechter, Tom Ziglar, Hank Norman, Emily Frisella, Jeffrey Gitomer, Jennifer Gluckow, Julie Ziglar, Lisa Marie Kennedy, Krystan Bellows, Jason Howland and many other incredible guests! All of these people have donated their time to be interviewed on my show, in an effort to share their experience, strength and hope to help others have a BREAKTHROUGH in life!

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