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Human Prosperity Podcast with Max Zheng: Episode #61

While there is no such thing as perfect when it comes to people, but Emily comes pretty close to it. She is amazing in every way -- her mission to help passionate professionals tackle the world's biggest problems as director of The Cultivated Group, her amazing outlook and perspective of living a fulfilling life, her adventurous and curious nature that drives her being, etc. Oh yeah, she has won several beauty pageants held by Miss America Organization too.

Her company helps non-profits and businesses with missions to preserve and change the world for the better by connecting their ideas with opportunities and funds. She is connected with leaders on the global level and has successfully raised over $20 millions for her clients.

In her mission to drive change as early as possible, she has started publishing children's books with empowerment messages. Check out Esmè the Curious Cat at or on Amazon at

Her advice to become successful in life: Be your authentic self.

Her message for anyone that wants to change the world:  The only limit is you.

Watch the YouTube version at

Visit her company's website at

Connect with her on LinkedIn at

Take your first step to become a genius in life at

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