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Emily Mishler Understands Impact

"Emily Mishler is quite an interesting entrepreneur, and she’s the CEO of The Cultivated Group. She’s as creative as she is analytical, which is incredibly rare in the business world. She’s also a multitalented outside of business, having already written several children’s books. In recent months, Mishler has hinted at even bigger things on the horizon that she hasn’t disclosed to the public just yet.

Mishler recently went on Steve Sims’ podcast, The Art of Making Things Happen, and spoke about the importance of impacting the world. She’s a powerhouse in the nonprofit world, where she claims that she tries to “connect the servant’s heart to the business brain.” She focuses on helping organizations “change the world” more than ever before, and “ignite equity and change” in the world. While many entrepreneurs think about maximizing profit, Mishler thinks more deeply about whether she is impacting the world in a positive way.

Clarity Is Crucial

Emily Mishler points out that some organizations and nonprofits might have an incredible vision in the beginning, but the hunger to make a difference might wane over time. Running a business can be quite tedious and mundane. Entrepreneurs should realize that running a company will not always be “fun” but it’s still worth pursuing.

Nonprofits might also face additional obstacles, such as not receiving funding or not having the right connections or enough connections to expand. In this way, having a clear idea about your mission and your organizational values is essential. She believes that a clear vision can help “connect the dots” when it comes to businesses and that companies shouldn’t be busy comparing themselves to the competition.

Success Is More Than Money

Many people seem to understand the “normal” path to success and have no problem going that route. Mishler understood that others took a socially expected, clearly outlined life path (“go to school, get a job, get married”) and she wondered about alternative paths she could take in which she could make a difference.

Mishler was always wondering whether there was another way to be successful, and it’s part of what led her to launch The Cultivated Group. She points out that she’s not that competitive, but she does have an insatiable feeling about learning from new experiences. To this day, Mishler doesn’t even really identify as an “entrepreneur”, as much as believing that she can offer creative and innovative solutions.

There’s No One Formula

One common theme that always comes up for Mishler is that she doesn’t believe that there is “one formula” for anything. She believes that there is one life, and that you have to “do it justice.” She understands the importance of a team, and she believes that her ability to have a “fluid framework” helps her adapt where others don’t. As she says, “If the right people are truly on the bus, drive.” She believes in relying on key employees, bravely making important decisions, and learning lessons from any failures that might happen along the way. It’s one of the reasons that The Cultivated Group has been able to thrive over the years.

It’s one reason she probably decided to publish a series of children’s books featuring a traveling cat. The cat travels to different countries and teaches readers about new cultures and life lessons. She hopes to expand children’s minds regarding travel, culture, and “what’s possible for them.” The book was inspired because of Mishler’s own travels. Interestingly enough, she is even a former Miss Purdue beauty pageant queen, as well.

Entrepreneurs and business owners tend to aim for perfection, or they might expect the kind of rigidity that can prevent new ideas and innovative strategies from forming. Mishler thinks it’s important to find people who embrace problem-solving and have a “fighting spirit.”"

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