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Here's how to find South Bend area music, film, art and fun offerings on your digital screen

"The change is snowballing. More local music, art and museums are coming to us virtually each day as a relief from the COVID-19 closures. Expect the offerings to grow as artists and venues experiment with fun ways to keep us sane.

Among them, South Bend Civic Theatre opened its site,, for local artists to download their performances, and #CivicLight has already turned into an eclectic variety show with at least 15 videos as of Wednesday, from comedy to ballet to poetry to skilled crooning, plus a multi-person rendition of “Oklahoma” for the Logan Center...

...Color cats: Elkhart-born children’s book author Emily Mishler, who writes the “Esme the Curious Cat” series, is offering a coloring contest for kids through Tuesday if you submit your email at"

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